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Mother’s Day Inspiration

With Mother’s Day approaching on 31st March, we take a look at some of the beautiful country and equestrian clothing and accessories available for mums of all ages…

How tapeworms affect your horse and what to do about them

Most horses in the UK have some level of worm infection, but how we manage their parasite challenge is critical to health and performance. Gone are the days of routinely administering dewormers and hoping for the best. That strategy has caused widespread resistance in worms – meaning that worms are able to survive the killing effects of dewormers and persist after treatment, which can lead to disease and in worst cases, death. To reduce the risk of further resistance occurring, we need to ensure that dewormers are only used when they are genuinely needed.

In Dr Corrine Austin’s article in our March edition she will help you with strategies for managing tapeworm infections in horses

Laminitis is as common as colic across Great Britain

A study conducted by the Animal Health Trust in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College and Rossdales Equine Hospital, and funded by World Horse Welfare, has identified that one in every 10 horses/ponies may develop at least one laminitis episode each year, making it just as common as colic.

See our March edition for full report on the latest research in to laminitis…


How sculptor Holly found inspiration for her work

With one of her sculptures now in permanent position in the entrance to the Equine Centre at Hartpury, Holly Hickmore shares her story about why studying A-levels helped shape her successful career as a professional sculptor.

Read all about Holly’s fascinating story in our February 2019 edition…

Valentines Buyer’s Guide

Read our February edition for a selection of lovely gift ideas that follow the theme of love….

Should you give your horse a winter break?

Event rider and trainer Harriet Morris-Baumber asks the question…

Christmas Gift Guide Part

Whether you are shopping for a loved one, a friend or even yourself (!) check out our fabulous gift guide series.
There’s ideas for you, your loved ones, your horse and even handy yard additions.

Health & Welfare: Banish the Winter Blues

Horse owners look ahead to winter with a sense of trepidation. Riding on a crisp, frosty morning sounds idyllic but in reality it is often more a case of battling the muddy elements just trying to turn your horse out in the field. As the nights pull in so does the sense of dread.

At Grove House Stables LLP based in Misterton, Nottinghamshire, owner Andrew Stennett knows only too well the difficulties of caring for a horse through winter. Running a busy equestrian centre, Andrew and his team have 35 horses and ponies to look after. Read Andrew’s full article in our November edition about juggling a full-time job with caring for your horse…

Autumn Parasite Control

Parasite control is very much a seasonal game, targeting the right worms at the right time of year to guard against the threat to horse health that comes with infection.

Generally warm wet weather increases parasite activity while extremes of temperature and dry conditions help to stop them in their tracks. With that in mind we might think that the long hot summer we enjoyed in the UK would play to our favour and benefit our worming too. Surprisingly Westgate Labs have seen quite the opposite with higher than average worm counts being recorded throughout August and September. See full article in our October edition….

Interested in a career with horses?

Why not explore your options at the Thoroughbred Club Careers Course? The Thoroughbred Club is the social, educational and professional club set up by the TBA for young people looking to further their career in racing and breeding. This year the club is running a two-day Careers Course, to help those with a passion for horses explore the large range of career and training opportunities available within the thoroughbred breeding and racing industry.

The unique course, which is open to both members and non-members of the club, will take place at Tattersalls Park Paddocks, Newmarket on 13th and 14th November. Both days will include a number of workshop style talks with a fantastic line-up of speakers from a variety of roles. Talks will focus on the speaker’s current role and background, and will also give an overview of the sector in which they are involved in. Delegates will be able to select these workshops based upon their own areas of interest, meaning that there is something for everyone. The course, which is supported by Weatherbys, the TBA and The Racing Foundation, will also include behind-the-scenes visits to leading industry establishments to give attendees the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in the talks in a practical setting.

See full article in October edition for details…